The Texoma Behavioral Health Leadership Team (TBHLT) serves as the community’s hub for mental health & wellness.


To improve the behavioral health and well-being for all people in the Texoma Community


To serve as the community’s hub for mental health and wellness.

The TBHLT includes leaders from:

  • Two (2) Behavioral Health Hospitals
  • City, County, and State Representatives
  • Consumers
  • Patients and Families
  • School Districts
  • One (1) Two-Year College
  • One (1) Private Liberal Arts College
  • Two (2) Emergency Departments
  • Funders
  • Judicial and Law Enforcement
  • Managed Care/Insurance
  • Mental Health Service Providers including the area’s Local Mental Health Authority
  • The Region’s Veterans Hospital located in the service area, and
  • Workforce Leaders

Founding Stakeholders

In addition to local media who have helped with the promotion and awareness, community members who have lived with or experienced mental health issues, and a homeless coalition representative, the following entities are founding members in this coalition firmly committed to changing the landscape of mental and behavioral health in Texoma.

No single entity can tackle the
issue of mental health in Texoma alone.

(903) 265-9117

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